QIR200H Wired indoor detector Dual PIR, 15m x 90°

Preces kods: DAQIR200H

Wired indoor detector with infrared technology and anti-tamper function. 

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The wired QIR200H motion detector from the QTech product line is designed to meet the protection and security needs of indoor environments through infrared detection technology.

Accurate digital analysis, easy and immediate programming, automatic temperature compensation: QIR200H has highly advanced features to ensure maximum detection reliability.

The device integrates anti-tamper protection against opening and dislodgement tamper and is certified to grade 2 according to the EN50131-2-2 standard.


QIR200H detector features
Digital signal analysis Yes
Coverage range 15 m
Security rating 2
Protections Anti-opening and anti-dislodgement
Temperature compensation Yes
Bypassable signalling LED Yes
Pulse counter Yes
Sensitivity adjustment Yes
Multiple band frequency Yes
“AND” and “Smart-OR” functions Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 120x60x48 mm
Weight 77 g


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